Tamil Puzzlers- Dive into the Enigma of Top 3 Thrillers

Tamil Puzzlers- Dive into the Enigma of Top 3 Thrillers


In this exploration, we dive into the mystery of the top 3 Tamil thrillers that promise to grab your attention and take you on an unforgettable cinematic ride. From crime-filled alleys to hidden secrets in forests, these films on aha bring you Tamil thriller movies that will leave you wanting more. Tune in to aha to feel the essence of Tamil cinema’s best picks.


1. Red Sandal Wood 

In the story, Prabha (Vetri), a boxer from north Madras, sets out to find his girlfriend’s brother, Karuna, who is missing. He travels all the way to Andhra Pradesh and informs the local police about his journey. Little does he know that he will uncover a big problem.

Prabha gets caught up in a Red Sandalwood smuggling case and is taken into custody by a senior official dealing with it. 


As he tries to prove he is innocent, Prabha discovers a scandal that has cost the lives of many innocent Tamilians working as laborers there.


He finds out that a guy named Harimara is responsible for all the chaos. Now, the question is, can this boxer from north Madras overcome the challenges and bring Karuna back home safely? Watch Tamil new films on aha to follow up!


2. The Road

“The Road” is an intense Tamil crime thriller. The plot of this Tamil new films revolves around Meera, played by Trisha Krishnan. She lives with her husband Anand and son Kavin, who had planned a road trip to Kanyakumari when Meera was pregnant. Sadly, they had to cancel the trip based on her doctor’s advice. 

Later in the movie, a terrible incident takes place – Anand and Kavin lose their lives in a collision. Now, driven by a strong desire to uncover the truth, Meera starts discovering a series of accidents that happened on NH 44. For an engaging experience of Meera’s journey, check out this Drama Thriller on aha. Witness the ups and downs as she pursues justice.

3. Raid 

Raid is the story of a courageous police officer determined to clean up the city from all the bad guys. Inspector Prabhakaran, played by Vikram Prabhu, takes on the powerful gangsters of Chennai, Daali, and Chitte, who operate under their boss, Uncle. 


In a mission to confront Uncle’s helper, Baby, Prabhakaran captures Daali’s brother, Cockroach, and defeats him in a fight. This angers Daali, Chitte, and their crew, leading to them shooting Prabhakaran during his morning jog.

Even after facing all these challenges, Prabhakaran overcomes the hitmen and crashes Daali’s birthday party. An intense hand-to-hand fight unfolds between Prabhakaran and Daali, ending with Prabhakaran avenging Venba’s death by defeating Daali. Don’t miss out on the action – watch these Tamil thriller movies on aha today!

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